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Pershing builds exclusive high-performance yachts that turn the passion of the boating customer into emotion. A straight path, marked by dynamics and innovation, elegance and perfection.

A style that combines beauty and power, personality and class. Pershing allows itself to always be one step ahead - an unstoppable pioneer for the future. A way of life for those who want to be unique.

The contemporary way to the most classic open yacht. The brand is successful with the goal of making the best of the brand's history every day, while at the same time achieving product innovation through continuous development of all aspects of the company.

Itama has been writing the history of Italian open boats all over the world for over forty years. During this time, the shipyard has been able to develop its strong and specific identity with great technical experience and a unique style at its core. Since 2004 Itama has been part of the Ferretti Group, one of the world's major players in the design, construction and sale of luxury motor yachts.

True to its original vocation, Custom Line has built a fleet of timeless yachts with a special emphasis on customisation. A perfect combination of advanced technology, sophisticated functional solutions and exquisite, distinctive design, each Custom Line creation is a unique work of art.

Each Custom Line is a tailor-made boat that reflects the personality of the owner, his thirst for the horizon, his own way of living the sea. Every Custom Line yacht is a masterpiece with a unique story to tell.