Combining agile shapes with modern technology - the Pershing 6X.

Pershing 6x

Bold and defiant.

A rebel by design. Typical of the X Generation, the sleek, pared-back lines on the Pershing 6X vaunt large hull windows that illuminate the spaces below deck. In another savvy advance, the side wings are integrated into the superstructure for even greater on-board comfort and pleasure. A blast of power with a 48-knot top speed, she’s primed to run rings around the rest and poke fun at convention.

Pershing 6x

The spatial ergonomics is maximal thanks to volumes that blend technology and performance in perfect proportions. The open spaces allow the boat to be filled with pleasure and light, such as the large lounge characterized by the front openable windows and the dark glass sliding roof. The new, much larger rectangular portholes allow air and natural light to permeate the rooms below decks.

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Construction views of the Pershing 6X

Pershing 6X

Technical Data


18,94 m

Max. Beam

4,80 m

Displacement, unladen

34,0 t


3.200 l


740 l